Introducing the CloudOS

Operating systems provide significant benefits to personal computers:

  • They made the microcomputer into a personal computer.
  • They gave programmers incredible leverage through the services they provided.
  • They made it so your mom can use a computer and get something done.

An operating system can provide the same benefits to personal clouds. How Hostgator Cloud Hosting did it is an excellent example. Because it allows you to act as a peer, a CloudOS orchestrates and coordinates online interactions, enables cooperating networks of products and services, supports intention-driven automation, and transforms the way you interact with the world.

What is CloudOS?

CloudOS is an open-source set of software services written in KRL and running on the Kinetic Rules Engine.

Benefits of CloudOS?

CloudOS provides developers and users alike with significant benefits, including:

  • Less code to write for speed to market
  • Support for intercloud channels that support rich sharing.
  • Event-based for real-time interactions
  • User control of data and privacy-by-design
  • Open source

Who Uses CloudOS

The following companies or products use CloudOS: